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We hand curate a selection of premium sunglasses and glasses you won't find anywhere else in Costa Rica. Chosen for their quality, style, and uniqueness, our gallery of mens, womens, and kids glasses has something for every occasion and every budget.

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Art to Admire

We are honored to support some of Costa Rica’s finest artists by showcasing their works, including Malu Moreira’s gorgeous abstract oil paintings and Aym’s unique driftwood macrame. Every piece we have on display is for sale and proceeds go toward our Eye 2 Eye Program which provides free eye exams to community members in need of a little support.

Our Laboratory

We invested in our optical laboratory to bring Guanacaste the first in-office glasses finishing lab which means - depending on your vision needs - you may be able to walk out in your custom-made prescription glasses and be home in time for the next swell! We offer sam day and next-day lens finishing and have partnerships with world-class third-party lens labs for more complex jobs. We offers lens and glasses repair and will do our best to get your specs back into tip-top shape.

Have a great pair of frames and just need new lenses? Or maybe you want a new lens tint color? Bring those old frames and and we’ll get your dream lenses made to perfectly fit your frames.

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